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Mealime helps over 4.5 million users shop, cook, and eat healthy meals at home. Learn how Mealime can make healthy eating easier for your organization.

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We're different than your typical diet app

Mealime isn't strict or clinical. We make it easy and appealing to cook & eat healthy food.

The only sustainable success I’ve had with cooking
The recipes are not overly simple nor overly complicated, and everything is solidly healthy. As someone who struggles with laziness and a fast food addiction, I’ve never felt like I could sustain a cooking habit. This app is the first thing to ever change that and remove the barrier I’ve always faced when wanting to cook. It’s an immensely relieving and satisfying feeling.
Cody - Mealime user

Lifechanging Outcomes

Preventative lifestyles

Those who cook at home regularly are 28% less likely to have an overweight BMI, protecting against hypertension, high cholesterol, and diabetes type II.

Reduced healthcare costs

The average total cost of nutrition-related diseases in America is over $3000 per employee, per year.

Improved productivity

Employees with healthy diets are more productive, less likely to be absent from work.

Reduced food waste

Every time employees use Mealime, they reduce food waste in their household. The cumulative result across an organization is often substantial.

Mealime makes it easy to launch a nutrition program

Proven engagement

With 4.5 million downloads, and a 4.8/5 star rating on the app store, Mealime is the most popular meal planning app in the world.

Complete program

Food is a natural unifier! Mealime leverages our human propensity to share and talk about food to get your population engaged. From food pic challenges to healthy eating contents, food waste leaderboards, onboarding materials, and team portals. Get your people engaged!

Word class support

Our team of dieticians and customer support specialists are here to ensure your program is successful, and your employees get the support they need.

Why people love Mealime

If they love it, they'll actually use it.

It saves them time

From shopping, to cooking, to deciding 'whats for dinner', Mealime is a common sense way to save time and make life easier. Ask us how.

It's fun, then healthy

A non-clinical, personalized, ease and experience-focused tool, Mealime makes healthy eating the path of least resistance.

It saves them money

Mealime's recipes and algorithms work in tandem to efficiently create meal plans that reduce food waste and keep grocery bills as low as you want them.


Over 4,500,000 people plan their weekly meals with Mealime

"My experience was incredible. I've been overwhelmed with meal planning and grocery shopping and you guys made it incredibly easy. I literally cried happy tears because instead of it taking a few hours, it took 15 minutes. Thank you"
Rachel - Mealime user

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