Impact Nutrition at Scale

Mealime is the easiest way to help your members achieve healthy eating goals.

Why members love Mealime

Not just another diet app

Built for Accessibility

Mealime was designed in the consumer sector for mass appeal: A focus on simply being a useful tool to help consumers manage food and meals contrasts sharply with clinical nutrition programs.

Developed by Dieticians

Mealime's recipes are all developed in-house by our team of accredited dieticians and nutritionists. Users are given broad flexibility to select from thousands of meals that cater to their individual diet, goals, and taste. Each recipe meets Mealime's high nutritional standard, ensuring positive health impacts.

Low-barrier, High Adoption

Mealime's prioritization of the user experience has created a life-tool people want to use, even outside of nutritional goals. Give the people value first and improve nutrition & health outcomes as a byproduct.

The cost of being reactive


More than 34.2 million Americans have diabetes, and another 88 million adults have pre-diabetes, and are at risk of developing Diabetes type 2.


Heart disease and stroke is America's leading cause of death, and costs the healthcare system a total of $214 billion per year.


Obesity affects 42% of American adults, and contributes to risk of chronic disease such as diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers.

Why Mealime?

In addition to being the #1 healthy eating app on iOS & Android we offer:

Worldwide Coverage

Mealime is available in 36 countries and is integrated with most major grocery retailers across North America, the UK and Australia.

Effortless Rollout

Seamless member onboarding and robust marketing materials make rollouts a breeze.

Engagement Analytics

We provide detailed reporting on employee engagement that helps you understand usage patterns across your population.

Ongoing Support

Our team will work with you to increase employee adoption and achieve your organization’s health outcome goals.

Want to learn more?

Contact us or download our brochure to learn how Mealime can partner with you to help your employees eat better and live a happier life.